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    Born to Puerto Rican parents, Bookem’s journey to bridging the gap begins in 1982 in Jersey City, NJ. Bookem’s biological father was a street hustler, who left his mom when he was just 2 years old. Several years later, his mom and her new husband moved to Bayonne, NJ. Their marriage was one of intimidation, constant arguing and verbal abuse. Unable to cope with their volatile relationship, Bookem dropped out of high school and left home at the age of 16.


    At this time Bookem was jumping from one friends house to another. Bookem even slept in a park and building hallways at times.  Bookem felt alone and scared of what may come. The streets began to call Bookem more aggressively but... 


    Bookem began writing as a form of relief; an escape from adversity. Shortly after, Bookem went from writer to emcee finding his musical home with the group TCF (The Chosen Few). TCF’s mentorship helped Bookem hone in on his talent. He began to build confidence while traveling throughout the Tri-State area gaining a reputation as a highly skilled emcee and writer. Bookem loved music, however, he needed to get his life together and establish a foundation for the future.


    At 20 years old, Bookem began to focus on a career. He remembered a time when his mother sat him on a police officer’s motorcycle when he was 8 years old. This was the moment that sparked his desire to become a police officer one day.

He went back to school and received his GED before joining the Police Academy. Bookem is a 15 year veteran of the Hudson County Sheriff Department assigned to the Patrol Division. He is a husband and father of 3 beautiful girls.


    In 2014 he was selected as the Puerto Rican Officer of the Year. He was on a clear path to begin his journey of bridging the gap between cops and community.


    Bridges is a movement where Bookem mentors inner city children by being a role model that can relate to what they face on the streets everyday. He uses music and his life experiences as an instrument to guide these children in a positive direction.

    Bookem’s mission is to save as many kids as possible from the streets.


    Some of Bookem’s performances include the Jersey City “Men of Excellence” banquet where he was honored for his work in the community and the B.L.E.S.C. a community event in Jersey City, N.J.


    Bookem has been interviewed on many podcast such as, the ”Luis Jimenez Show”, Non Fiction Radio, the Real Point Podcast, and Cultural Progression Podcast, where he continues to spread his “Bridges” Mission.


    Bridging the gap between cops and community. "BE A PART OF THE COMMUNITY, NOT APART FROM THE COMMUNITY" 





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